Системы управления дверьми

Door Access Control System

The modular, decentralized Door Access Control System (D.A.C.S) is a security system for yachts and cruise liners. Doors and hatches are monitored and access authorization is assigned to persons on board by a transponder card. Status changes in monitored areas are presented graphically in simplified deck layouts on PC monitors and logged. The system complies with the IMO standard for International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Level 1-3).


Our professional D.A.C.S team consists of several skilled electrical and project engineers. Product development, manufacturing and distribution are carried out from one source, ensuring the best quality. All products are made in Germany. Commissioning is performed by our professional specialists in cooperation with the shipyard.


The system is customized to your imagination. Our main objective is the implementation of our customer’s experiences and demands. Customer-specific designs and arrangements have been implemented in each project. This fundamental approach differs us from most of our competitors and leads our projects to outstanding success and security staff acceptance.