Контроль, индикация и АПС


Maritime Displays and Panel Computer

All displays in our product line were designed with the goal of providing the best possible platform for graphic user interfaces. Our displays appeal through design, intuitive operation, and individualized visualization options. Data from external systems can be captured and processed with ports that meet the requirements of the modern maritime industry.

The monitors of the 11-series (10”, 15”, 19”, 24”) are especially suited as display devices for external sources. On the other hand, the panel PCs of the 12 and 13-series combine the same, excellent display properties with an integrated, powerful PC system.

Furthermore we offer proven controller-based display systems in compact dimensions (4.3" - 8.8"). These are suitable as graphical alarm display units on smaller ships, for secondary displays in cabins and other areas, as well as display and alarm units for stand-alone applications.

The displays’ main functions are identical throughout the entire product line. The brightness is always matched to the ambient light, ensuring glare-free operation while cruising at night and optimum readability during sunlight. The displays can be integrated flush and watertight into consoles and switch boards. Most displays include an integrated touch screen and can be easily operated with our control panels.