Управление и контроль сигн.-отл. огнями

Monitoring and Control Systems for Navigation Lanterns

The modular AHD-DPS 02 controls and monitors up to 42 navigation and signal lanterns on board vessels. Due to its modular structure, the system can be matched to customer specific requirements. It is comprised of one basic module and up to 4 extension modules as well as a customer specific operation panel. The system is available in different versions for all customary voltages on board vessels, and it can be used with conventional or LED lanterns. The minimum configuration encompasses a basic module for 14 lanterns and a standard operation panel. By using additional basic modules, any number of lanterns can be controlled and monitored.

The lanterns are controlled with an operation panel, which provides one operation button and one LED status light for each lamp circuit. Depending on the requirements, the operation panels can be delivered in their standard size or according to the customer’s wishes. Additional operation options for touch screen or panel PC are also available.

The lamp outputs are short-circuit proof and maintenance free. The lanterns can be controlled manually during electronics failure. A collective alarm (closed) contact reports current error conditions to a higher ranking alarm system. The CAN bus or Modbus enables connection to ancillary systems for convenient control and visualization

The AHD-DPS02 system is compatible to many leading manufacturers of navigation lanterns and also BÖNING offers optionally matching lanterns in compact design.