Sistema Start-Stop Motore

Engine Start-Stop-System

With the engine operation panel AHD-EOP, maritime diesel engines can be started and stopped conveniently and safely. Instead of conventional ignition locks and the associated high cabling effort, AHD-EOP uses modern transponder technology, which contributes to increased operational safety and also simplifies cabling. The backboard and starboard engines are activated and enabled for starting by inserting the transponder key into the respective socket. The dual engine operation panel AHD-DEOP is used for starting and stopping two maritime propulsion engines with comfort and ease. The device can be installed in a separate location and works in combination with the matching key units AHD-EOP. While the transponder key remains inserted, the engine is operational and can be started with any AHD-EOP or AHD-DEOP unit in the system. This is signaled by an LED on all units. The engine is started by pressing the start button (AHD-EOP or AHD-DEOP). The stop button, in turn, stops the engine.

The system is compatible with many marine engines on the market.