Service Agreement

If you are looking for Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG to perform services,
please send us the following form first. Thank you.

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* Billing terms may vary in individual cases
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With sending this form I agree with the service & payment conditions listed on page 2 and hereby order a mandatory service.

Billing is based on actual expenses and subject to the following conditions:

Hourly labour rates apply as follows*

Monday to Friday

08:00h - 18:00h Normal Time (Basic Rate): 130,00 €
18:00h - 08:00h Overtime: Basic +30 %


08:00h - 18:00h Normal time: Basic +30 %
18:00h - 08:00h Overtime: Basic +60 %

Sundays and Holidays

08:00h - 18:00h Normal time: Basic +60 %
18:00h - 08:00h Overtime: Basic +120 %

*Same applies to online/ telephone and video support. Based on MEZ/ MESZ.


Travel time chargeable up to 10 hours per day: 85,00 €

Travelling by per km: 0,65 €

Travel expenses, such as flight tickets, excess luggage, accommodations, cab fare, and rental car are assessed upon submission of the original receipts plus 10 % handling charge.

Allowable expenses are shown separately in accordance to legal regulations.


  1. A service report is prepared for each service call.
    This report must be signed by the customer or the
    customer’s authorized representative.
  2. Prices are net values.
  3. Our General Terms & Conditions