Data Processing Station

AHD-DPU 9 is a universal data station for all signals and data accruing on board of a ship. For example, AHD-DPU 9 can capture and process external data sources, measurement and performance data from engines, generators and ship alarm systems and make them available within a ship wide Böning system. Status messages, such as watch standby and alarms can also be processed. The internal memory can store up to 16,000 events. At the same time, AHD-DPU 9 can perform mathematical and logical operations (PLC functionality).

The AHD-DPU 9 includes 28 I/O ports confi-gurable e.g. for AHD-PS15, AHD-PS30, AHD-PS47, and AHD-R101 and for use as direct potential bound inputs.
AHD-DPU 9 can visualize these data on up to 6 monitors, connected via Ethernet. Numerous interfaces (e.g. CAN, serial interface and binary inputs/outputs) ensure a problem free integration into the vessel’s infrastructure. AHD-DPU 9 can take over the function of Böning devices AHD-UCC, AHD-UIC and AHD 882.

Caratteristiche del prodotto:

  • Capture of external data sources
  • Distribution of processed data to external display and control units
  • Function as configurable watch standby system
  • Internal data memory for local securing of events, re-trievable via visualization