Electronic Control Unit for Trim Tabs Control System AHD-TCS

The electronic control unit AHD-TCS A is the central unit for acquisition of all measuring data and control inputs and thereof for resulting control of trim tabs hydraulic aggregates for port and starboard trim tab.

Product Features

  • Patent-registered trim tabs control system
  • Module with basic plate for surface mounting installation in consoles, control panels or control cabinets
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Power supply 24VDC for the entire system incl. hydraulic aggregates, typ. 32A
  • Analog inputs for flow meters of hydraulic aggregates and e.g. for an inclination sensor
  • Analog outputs 0 – 10VDC for connection of AHD-TCS round gauges for indication of angular position of trim tabs
  • Interface for GPS-receiver for calculation of ship speed (data also available via CAN-bus)
  • CAN-bus interface for connection with external display units with graphically supported operation
  • RS232 interface for configuration of device etc.
  • Connection terminals for connection of operating panel AHD-TCS OP A
  • Outputs for control of hydraulic pumps for port and starboard trim tab
  • Output for common failure
  • Calibration of trim tabs by measurement of end position/end position distance via counting of pulses of flow meters
  • Recording of ship-specific trim curves for speed and attitude depending on trim tab position for optimized automatic operation