Internet Access to Böning Systems

Böning Automation Technology GmbH & Co. KG provides Internet access to the ship’s cur-rent operational data and control system with AHD-WNA.

Other than a web browser, the user requires no additional software for remote access. For a faster operation, an optional, free add-on can be installed. No additional hardware needs to be installed for working with AHD-WNA.

If additional hardware is installed, AHD-WNA makes the remote maintenance of the system possible: The system’s configuration and its visualization can be updated via the internet.

The user accesses the ship visualization known from the vessel’s panel PCs in the web browser and operates it with mouse and keyboard.

Access to AHD-WNA is secured on multiple levels. Password protection and encrypted data transmission provide security against unauthorized access by third parties. To ensure the ship command’s safety, the user cannot execute critical functions, such as starting and stopping the engine.

Naturally, already existing systems can be retrofitted with AHD-WNA.

Product Features

  • Quick Internet access to data and control system
  • Visualization identical to ship displays
  • Secure transmission of data and commands and much more