Mobile Access und Logging

Böning Automationstechnologie offers the app AHD-IAMCS for the iPad®, downloadable at the Apple App-Store, as an additional option to display ship data and control ship functions. It turns the iPad® into a full-fledged control and display device which can be connected seamlessly to the existing visualization environment on board, complementing it optimally. This makes the ship data available at any time and everywhere on board.

Appropriate rights can be assigned to passengers to control the lights and air conditioning in their cabin, for example, or to view the ship’s current position and speed.
The graphical user interface is adjusted to the permanently installed displays to ensure the highest degree of operational safety.

Several iPads® can be integrated with the system and operated with equal status.

AHD-WNL logs the measured values and special events of appropriately configured channels of the system. This data can be displayed on the ship’s displays and exported in several formats. For the graphical representation of the measured values, the software AHD-Charting is available. AHD-WNL can log up to 50 million measured values and 100000 events.

Existing Böning systems can be retrofitted with AHD-WNL.

Remote Access via the Internet

After registration with the AHD-IAMCS web service, the user can view the ship’s data and send control commands, e.g. to switch the ship’s lights, from any location with a connection to the Internet. For this, AHD-IAMCS uses the same visualization as for local access in the ship’s network.

AHD-WNL’s connection to the Internet must be initialized by AHD-WNL. On an AHD-WNL administration page, the user can establish the connection manually or set it up as permanent. If a correspondingly configured channel is present in the vessel’s system, it can be used to open and close the connection to the web service.

To minimize the data volume, AHD-WNL only sends data to the web service on request.

Existing AHD-WNLs which allow access only in the on-board LAN or WLAN can be updated for access via the Internet.

Product Features

  • Display of all ship relevant data on iPad®
  • Remote control of lights, air conditioning and much more
  • Logging of measured values and events
  • Remote access via Internet