AHD 1119 G

AHD 1119 G - 19" Displays with Glass Front and Touch-Screen

Böning Automationstechnologie’s new generation of displays expands its product range in the display category with innovative devices.
Combining increased performance and functionality in a valuable modern design, they increase operational safety and ease of operation on ship bridges. Their luminosity of up to 1400 cd/m2 ensures good readability at all times, even during bright sunlight. 

Automatic dimming further ensures that the displays operate without glare especially when cruising at night. Automotive components allow the displays to be used in greater temperature ranges than previous displays.

The following display versions can be delivered in black or white design:

AHD 1119 G 19“- Display 
AHD 1115 G 15“- Display 

The newest-generation capacitive touchscreen allows for ease of operation without compromising the visualization with visible threads. The latest display technology allows for even more brilliant colors and a markedly increased view angle.

Their 24VDC power supply makes these devices especially suitable for use on ships.

Functional and Elegant

The AHD 1119 G / AHD 1115 G displays distinguish themselves through their elegant design and high functionality.

Their interfaces suited to modern maritime requirements, these displays can be integrated into any existing environment without any problem – and without sacrificing functionality or performance. 

Whether on the bridge or in the lobby – the displays AHD 1119 G/AHD 1115 G distinguish themselves with their clear geometry, their intuitive operation and their individualized visualization design.

Visualization and Control

The displays AHD 1119 G/AHD 1115 G can execute monitoring as well as control functions, just as the PC-supported displays AHD 1219 G/1215 G.
They can be conveniently operated with their corresponding remote controls (AHD-DRT-T and AHD-DRM-R) – for example from the command chair on the bridge.

Product Features

  • Glass touchscreen displays
  • All in one solution for quick installation – saves space and costs
  • Can also be integrated into existing systems
  • Completely redeveloped