AHD 1145 GW

45” Widescreen Display with Glass Front

The newly developed AHD 1145 GW is the flagship display of our company. It impresses with its size and its unusual design. The glass panel in ultra-wide format is ideally suited for use on the ship's bridge, so as not to obstruct a free shift from the helm. Thanks to its high resolution and a screen diagonal of 45 inches, the AHD 1145 GW offers sufficient space for comfortable visualization of ship parameters as well as navigation data. The display participates in the central dimming of the BÖNING system and thanks to LED technology the brightness can be turned down to a minimum at night.

The device is connected via HDMI to a computer with appropriate high graphics performance. We recommend the use of a BÖNING Multiview system, which allows a simultaneous display of multiple sources. For example, a radar image, the nautical chart and suitable ship parameters can be displayed simultaneously.


Caratteristiche del prodotto:

  • Full glass front
  • 45 inch maxi size; ultra-wide screen
  • High brightness of 1,000cd
  • UHD / 4K screen resolution
  • Usable with BÖNING Multiview System or Stand-Alone

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