AHD 1300 Slim (Black Box)

Embedded PC

The acquisition of ship´s data, general status messages, and alarms is an essential part of modern alarm and safety systems. The continuous increase of complexity and volume of generated information creates higher demands on performance of data acquisition systems. The integrated PC of AHD 1300 Slim satisfies these demands perfectly.

With its two LAN interfaces the device is integrated into the ship’s Böning system. The CAN interface is used for remote control of a connected display. All interfaces are connected individually with standardized plug connectors.

The Embedded PC AHD 1300 Slim is designed for bulkhead and DIN rail mounting.

Their 24 V DC power supply makes these devices especially suitable for use on ships. The powerful PCs allow safe and reliable operation, even in extreme conditions.

The visualization system with embedded operating system operates completely autonomously. Advantage: it requires neither firewalls nor virus scanners, and the configuration cannot be changed accidentally.

The PC was especially developed for maritime use. The absence of moveable parts, such as hard disks, makes the device insensitive to shock. The passive cooling system significantly contributes to its operational safety.

AHD 1300 Slim must be used with a data processing station AHD-DPU 9 or a panel PC AHD 12XX.

Характеристики изделия

  • Solid State Drive
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • No Moving Parts
  • Passive Cooling System
  • Video Frame Grabber
  • Isolated 24VDC
  • Isolated Interfaces
  • Visualization of External Image Data Sources (Cameras)

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