AHD 406-2D

Operating and Indication Panel for Navigation and Signal Light Control and Monitoring System DPS01, Customer-Specific Design

Customer-specific designed operating panels AHD 406-2D are microprocessor-controlled devices for conventional operation and status indication of navigation and signal lights.

Product Features

  • Customer-specific design of operating panel for installation in consoles, control panels or control cabinets with arrangement of lights, operating elements and inscriptions in tabular or graphically designed front panel
  • Standard front dimension 144mm x 144mm or 192mm x 144mm
  • Individual operating push button for switching on and off with integrated LED for status indications of navigation and signal lights
  • Additional LED-indications for power supply and system faults
  • Automatic dimming of LED-indications, adjustable
  • Integrated alarm buzzer
  • Push button for acknowledgement of acoustic alarm with lamp test function
  • Serial interfaces for connection to basic module AHD 901 G and interfaces to extension modules AHD 910 A for lamp control