AHD 570 DP

5,7“ LCD Color Display

The 5.7” LCD Color Display AHD 570 DP is designed as a compact unit for monitoring and visualizing e.g. of a watch duty system (Cabin duty alarm panel). The data are captured by the respective system and transmitted to the color display for visualization via CAN bus communication. The presentation of data occurs on various pages as a tabular visualization graphic display. VGA resolution and bright LED-backlighting for maximum visibility of the data information allow the display’s application in a variety of environmental conditions.

The display is automatically dimmed by a photo cell. The minimum level of brightness is adjustable via the internal configuration menu. Because of its compact design with front protection class IP 56 and CAN-bus data communication, the display can be cascaded and thus is suited for integration with the motor control box as well as installation in the bridge console or in cabin walls. The color display is operated by integrated control buttons for turning the display on and off, visual and acoustic alarm acknowledgment as well as menu and lateral control of the display, alarms, and configuration and service pages.

Caratteristiche del prodotto:

  • Compact color display for visualization of various ship system data
  • VGA resolution and LED Backlight (500 cd/m2)
  • Automatically adjusted brightness

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