AHD 910 A

Extension Module for Navigation and Signal Light Control and Monitoring System DPS01

AHD 910 A is a microprocessor-controlled device used as an extension module with 8 channels for control and monitoring of navigation and signal lights, with conventional lamps, on board ships.

Product Features

  • Profile module for installation on standard profile rails in consoles, control panels or control cabinets
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Control and monitoring of 8 lamp circuits
  • Max. 4 extension modules AHD 910 A, connectable to basic module AHD 901 G, for a total of 32 lamp circuits
  • Input channels are 2-pole, secured by means of fuses (lead fuse or self-resettable semiconductor fuses), and alarm signalling in case of short circuit or wire breakage
  • In case of shutdown of electronics, the lamp function remains operative
  • Versions available for lamp voltages from 24VDC/AC up to 250VAC
  • Power supply with permanently monitored mains and emergency power supply, selectable by means of external selector switch
  • Interface for connection of conventional operation panel
  • Serial data transmission of lamp status data to basic module AHD 901 G