Infinity Ship Cloud Service

BCONNECT is probably the easiest way to monitor, operate and analyze machinery data and equipment status information on board your ship - thanks to the cloud from any location.

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Realtime Condition Monitoring


The BCONNECT gateway sends your ship data continuously to our cloud service. You will be able to monitor your ship values on any mobile device or personal computer around the world. The application runs on any operating system without any installation of software.

It comes as a full solution including a smooth graphical data presentation. Our presentation library contains a wide range of gauges, indicators, text elements, shapes, icons and images. You will be able to arrange own page layouts in graphical manner. The layouting concept is optimized for responsive design.



Remote Control – from all over the world

Besides of monitoring of ship parameters, BCONNECT can also be used to send control commands to the ship. For example, various devices could be activated remotely and lights switched on. A number of graphic elements, such as wheel controls, buttons or slide switches are available for implementation.

Cloud Data Storage and Analysis


The BCONNECT cloud service allows you to record selected data from your ship. Tank levels, engine data, temperatures, positions and much more data can be stored in a cloud for a period of minimum three years. It supports a targeted condition monitoring by selecting data points of interest.

Data packages can be saved at regular intervals or only when changes occur.

Our user-friendly HMI allows a graphical presentation of values in a timeline and gives an easy comparison. Manual as well as automatic reports can be created and downloaded as a PDF or Excel file as a basis for a preventive maintenance. 

User Alerts


For each value, user alerts can be configured individually. Automated emails or push notifications can be sent to smartphones and tablets. In addition, personalized voice mails and SMS notifications can be configured by alert activation.



Online Map View


Positions of all your vessels are presented on a graphical map. This gives you a quick overview of your ship fleet.

Browser Optimized Access


To use BCONNECT you do not have to install any software on the laptop, tablet or smartphone. Access to the BCONNECT UI via a secure connection, directly with a modern web browser. Following browsers are supported:


  • Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer (version 11)
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera


Bring your own device: No matter whether desktop or smartphone, the UI of BCONNECT is available immediately. On mobile devices it feels like a native APP. BCONNECT can be added to the start screen via the browser menu, on the smartphone or tablet. The BCONNECT icon appears on the start screen and can be started comfortably. The browser address bar and other interfering browser functions are now no longer visible.



Easy Installation on Board

The BCONNECT gateway connects BÖNING ship automation system with the cloud. The gateway uses a fast LTE mobile connection (SIM card to be provided by the customer). Selected parameters of the connected system are continuously transmitted to the cloud via a secure VPN connection. The connection is established via a network interface with MODBUS-TCP protocol. Other connection protocols (MODBUS-RTU, SAE-J1939, NMEA2000, ...) could be used alternatively if the connected system does not support Ethernet connection. Due to the flexible connection, the BCONNECT solution is easy to implement and an ideal choice for refit applications.

The BCONNECT gateway offers a fast data connection with 3G & 4G LTE. The standard package comes with a simple rod antenna for installation inside the vessel. An outdoor antenna is optionally available. Furthermore, a high-performance version with dual SIM, multi-antenna system and extended frequency band is offered to guarantee an even better connection.

In case of a connection failure, both gateway variants buffer the data internally (up to 70 MB) to guarantee a data history without loss.