Door Access Control System

The D.A.C.S door access control system is applied for security of ships at sea and in ports. The system monitors the closed condition of predefined doors by means of electronic door units. These devices are provided with a proximity reader for touchless identification. Each person authorized for door access receives a transponder card, which allows area and time-depending definition of access authorization for each single door.

Product Features

  • Modular, decentralized door access control system with innovative PoE Power-over-Ethernet technology or CAN-bus network
  • System corresponds with regulations of IMO standards for “International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Level 1-3)”
  • Monitoring of internal and external doors, pantograph doors, sliding doors, lift doors, shell doors and emergency escape hatches
  • Sabotage and intruder alarm monitoring
  • Ultra-flat door electronic units for installation into door blade or in connection box for bulkhead mounting (i.e. for metallic doors)
  • Touchless proximity readers with 13.56 MHz RFID technology for the identification of access authorization via transponder cards
  • Additional authorization by means of keypad with entry of numeric codes available
  • System PC with system software for administration and definition of access authorizations and status presentation of monitored doors with visualization i.e. based on general arrangement plans of the ship
  • Integrated crew booking system with logging of crew presence or absence. Integration in ship alarm and monitoring system resp. transmission of status data i.e. via interface with Modbus-protocol
  • Interface to CCTV safety system with fade in of video images of surveillance cameras on monitors i.e. at alarms or by activated video motion detectors, ultrasonic barriers, 2D laser scanner or push button
  • Interface to ship´s pager system with transmission of alarm messages