Data Acquisition & Distribution System

The DATADIS® software is designed for continuous recording of nautical, meteorological, survey, fishery and ship's data and their digital and/or graphical presentation, processing, recording and storage on system PC and further user PC.

Product Features

  • Software based on Windows NT / 2000 / XP / VISTA
  • Acquisition of external data via Ethernet-LAN, CAN-bus or Serial Datadis® connection
  • Automatic storage of all relevant data in 10s-interval into a circular buffer of the system PC as daily log files for at least min. 3 month
  • Data available for long term data presentation via system PC and all by Ethernet-LAN connected Datadis user PC and for Datadis Voyage Recorder
  • Customer-specific designed display formats, configurable via DataEdit mode
  • Direct access to 7 most used displays by configurable function key operation
  • Sea chart display with presentation of worldwide shorelines and various presentation modes available (sea charts only for presentation, not applicable for navigation purposes)
  • Printout of display format in DataPrint mode
  • DataLog mode for storage of voyage-relevant data on user PC with individual storage options
  • Datadis screensaver mode with display of UTC time and date for monitoring of trouble free system operation
  • Datadis Voyage Recorder for presentation of stored data on system PC with adjustable display period